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What is the reformer?

The reformer is a piece of apparatus invented by the Pilates founder Joseph Pilates.

It is a versatile piece of equipment which consists of a platform, called the 'carriage' which moves on wheels on a frame and is attached to one end by a set of springs. These provide resistance as the platform is moved. There's also a foot bar and long straps, which can be used by the legs and arms. Springs can be adjusted to provide variable resistance which adds resistance or instability to make the exercises either more or less difficult. Amongst many benefits, using the reformer develops focus, coordination, and good body alignment. As with all Pilates exercise, the emphasis on breathing and mindful movement has benefits for mental health.

Our new dedicated Reformer studio can accommodate classes of up to 4 people and we also offer 1-1 sessions. Reformer sessions are taught by experienced Pilates Instructors and complement our large timetable of mat based classes.

The Hazel Reformer Studio for small & private classes

Exercises are done in a variety of positions including;

The exercises use the fundamental principles of Pilates to improve;

Reformer Pilates classes at Physiofit Leeds in Horsforth Reformer Pilates classes at Physiofit Leeds in Horsforth

At Physiofit we recommend a foundation in mat Pilates prior to progressing to the reformer. It is important to learn how to control the body through a variety of movements, and using the correct muscle groups, before moving on to the reformer. If the exercises are too difficult, or not done correctly, compensatory movement strategies may be used and may become ingrained.

Taught correctly the reformer can allow modifications to be made to the exercises in order to reduce load through certain joints. This means it can be used to rehabilitate those with limited range of movement or carrying injury. In these circumstances we recommend starting with 1-1 sessions.

Reformer Pilates classes at Physiofit Leeds in Horsforth

Would reformer Pilates be suitable for me?

Reformer Pilates exercises can be adapted to suit all needs, however certain skills are needed before joining a group class.

If you are not already attending mat based Pilates classes here at Physiofit at Intermediate 1 level or above or are carrying an injury, you will require a pre class assessment with one of our instructors prior to starting any reformer sessions.

The assessment is up to 30 minutes and the instructor will discuss your goals with you, your current health and injury status and introduce you to the reformer. The physiotherapist can then advise your suitability for classes or if private sessions would be more appropriate.

Pre Class Assessment - £40

Classes or Private Sessions?

Physiofit reformer sessions are taught by our qualified instructors and physiotherapists in a variety of formats.

Private sessions can be 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3. Classes are for up to 4 participants and last 55 minutes, and are paid for as courses in line with the Leeds School half terms. Those already attending a course can attend other classes ad hoc where there is space.

Please see our timetable for class times (link to the left/above). Private sessions can be booked via our reception.

How much will it cost?

Small Group Classes (1 hour)

Ad hoc booking - £18.50 per class
Course booking - £16.50 per class

Courses are paid for in advance, in blocks of 5 – 7 weeks in line with the Leeds School Half Terms. Download Physiofit's course dates.

Ad hoc classes can be booked up to one week in advance with payment in full (£18) to secure the booking. If you need to cancel your class, payment can be carried over to another class or used as credit towards physiotherapy or 1:1 Pilates at Physiofit.

Private Sessions

1:1 Sessions

Hour session - £65
Half hour session - £40

1:2 Sessions

Hour session - £86

1:3 Sessions

Hour session - £99

Block booking of 5 sessions - 5% discount
Block booking of 10 sessions - 10% discount

Block booking sessions must be used within a 6 month period. Sessions missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged.



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