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Dizziness, vertigo and balance problems are some of the symptoms that can be helped by a specific form of physiotherapy called vestibular rehabilitation. Vestibular Rehabilitation is a form of exercise based treatment which promotes central nervous system compensation for inner ear deficits.

It involves specific techniques and exercises which can help with a variety of vestibular problems which include:

Vestibular rehabilitation can also help people with more longstanding inner ear disorders who have failed to improve with a more traditional medical management model.

Please click here for more information about the therapy. You can ring or email to discuss the problem with Suzie Crellin, Physiofit's physiotherapist specialising in this treatment.

What people have said about Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy...

66I have recently had need to use the services of Suzie Crelin at Physiofit in Horsforth. I had been diagnosed with labarythitis, a condition that I had never heard of. It is horrendous as it destroys your balance which leaves you nauseous, dizzy and generally feeling very unwell. After reading up on the condition I approached Physiofit to see if they could carryout the Epley manoeuvre, which resolves one of the causes.

Suzie was very well aware of the condition and was able to help me with exercises that helped alleviate the symptoms. It was a great relief to find someone who was so knowledgable about the condition, who could reassure me in this testing time in addititon to helping with exercises. I cannot recommend Suzie and this practice highly enough. 66 - Shirley C. Jan 2019
66Following a diagnosis of BPPV, my GP gave me some vestibular rehab exercises to do at home (Brandt-Daroff). I was very happy to have a diagnosis that explained the persistent dizziness but I wasn't really convinced that the exercises were doing any good. All I seemed to be doing was throwing my head about, which just made the dizziness worse. So I did a little research and discovered a very specific exercise that is best performed by a specially trained physiotherapist. Some reports even suggested that if performed correctly, this manoeuvre could fix the problem very quickly. I was a bit sceptical about this, but decided to give it a go and set about trying to find a physio that could help. My local therapist didn't offer the treatment in question but then I found Physiofit who confirmed that they had physios who were trained to treat BPPV.

I saw Suzie Crellin, who did a thorough assessment before performing the Epley manoeuvre - and it was like magic! The dizziness stopped immediately and hasn't returned. It was literally like a miracle cure, albeit based on sound scientific principles. I would definitely encourage anyone suffering from BPPV to go and see Suzie and it's such a shame my the GP didn't seem to be aware of this instant cure. 66 - Andrea R. Jan 2019

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