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Children's Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal problems are very common in childhood and adolescence, but many can be treated successfully with physiotherapy. Leeds Children's Physiotherapy provides the opportunity to seek assessment and treatment from experts in the field of paediatric musculoskeletal injury/illness.

If your child's aches and pains are affecting their ability to play sport, attend school, or have fun, give us a call and let us see if we can help.

What conditions can a physiotherapist help with?What conditions can a physiotherapist help with?

What does a children's physiotherapy consultation involve?What does a children's physiotherapy consultation involve?

The physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your child's condition, together with any relevant past medical history, birth history, and family history.

Diagnosis is made by relating this history, to the findings of a comprehensive physical examination of your child, to determine the source of the problem.

What treatments are available?What treatments are available?

Why should I choose Physiofit for my child?Why should I choose Physiofit for my child?

It is important to recognize that children are not simply 'small adults'. As the musculoskeletal system is still developing and maturing, the problems seen in children and adolescents often differ from those seen in adults. There are a number of orthopaedic conditions which are seen only in childhood and simply do not exist in the adult population. Rapid periods of growth are also a major factor in the development of many of the musculoskeletal problems seen in childhood and adolesence.

For these reasons, caring for children and adolescents with musculoskeletal problems, is a highly specialist area of physiotherapy. Many physiotherapists familiar with treating adults, will have had little or no experience of assessing and treating children or adolescents. This can lead to important conditions being missed, and the differences in treatment approaches between adults and children may not be fully appreciated. We believe that strong listening and communication skills are essential for engaging children/adolescents to play an active role in their rehabilitation, in order to achieve optimal outcomes.

Physiofit's Specialist Children's Physiotherapist, Hannah Michael, provides the opportunity to seek assessment and treatment of paediatric musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses. As Hannah focus purely on paediatric musculoskeletal conditions, she is an expert in this area of paediatric physiotherapy. This provides reassurance to our clients that they are accessing the professional opinion of an appropriately experienced paediatric physiotherapist in the region.

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What does physiotherapy treatment involve?

Physiotherapists use their expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology, to identify problems with how the body moves or functions. The physiotherapist will then be able to suggest the most appropriate management approach to address the problem(s) identified. For musculoskeletal problems this will often involve therapeutic exercise programs, specialist taping, soft tissue massage/manipulation, posture re-training, and treatments to reduce inflammation due to injury/over-use.

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

It is helpful to bring along your appointment letter (if you have one) and a list of any regular medicines your child takes.

What should my child wear?

If the problem is in the lower back or legs, it is helpful to bring along shorts or for your child to wear loose trousers, for physiotherapy appointments. If the problem is in the upper back, shoulders, arms or neck, the physiotherapist may need your child to remove their shirt/t-shirt, and it is helpful for older girls to wear a vest or sports bra.

Does my child need to attend with an adult?

If the patient is under 16 they must attend the first appointment with an adult - preferably a parent/carer. If your child is 15, and is deemed by the physiotherapist (after the initial assessment) to be able to attend alone (and you are happy for them to do so) they may be able to attend follow up appointments alone. Patients 16 years and over can attend unaccompanied.

What information will I need know for the consultation?

Prior to the appointment is helpful for you and your child to think about:

How often will my child need to attend?

This depends on your child's diagnosis - most children will need to attend once every 2-3 weeks. Some children may actually only need to attend once. Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you at the initial appointment.

How many sessions of treatment will my child receive?

If your child's care is being funded by a private medical insurer, the number of sessions may be dictated by your policy - please contact your insurer prior to contacting us to find out about this.

Physio Consultations

Initial appointment
(45 min) £55.00
Follow up appointment
(up to 30 min) £40.00

Specialist Physiotherapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation
Respiratory Physiotherapy
Persistent Pain Management
Pelvic Floor Physio
New Mum MOT
New Mum Return to Sport MOT
Women's Health
Children's Physiotherapy

Initial appointment
(45 min) £65.00
Follow up appointment
(up to 30 min) £47.00

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Sports Massage >>

Initial appointment - (45min)
Includes assessment & 25-30min massage
Follow up appointment - (30min)
Includes 25min massage

Biomechanical Assessments >>

80 - 90 minutes - £130.00

Missed appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be charged.


Physiofit Chartered Physiotherapists offer professional assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of a range of injuries and conditions. We have links with local GP surgeries and liaise with other consultants and specialists to provide the best pathway of care for each individual.




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