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New Mum Return to Sport MOT

In addition to our New Mum MOT, we offer an assessment for new mums wanting to return to sports involving impact such as running, cross-fit, aerobics, circuit training etc.

The guidelines for new Mums suggest that low impact exercise should be carried out in the first three months of the postnatal period prior to a return to higher impact activities. Higher impact activities that cause high gravitational load on the pelvic floor muscles should not be commenced until 3-6 months postnatal at the earliest.

An individualised assessment and guided rehabilitation can reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence and ensure the muscles supporting the lower back and pelvis are strong enough to withstand the loads required for sporting activities.

Some examples of sports involving impact:

The return to sport assessment is completed as a follow up appointment and takes up to half an hour. It includes a discussion around your fitness goals and current levels of fitness, questions about sleep and the types of activity you plan to get back to. The assessment also includes a practical element assessing your core and pelvic floor’s ability to manage certain loaded activities as well as looking at the strength of your lower limbs.

The assessment is designed to be completed as a follow up after the New Mum MOT. The New Mum Return to Sport MOT cannot be completed without completing the New Mum MOT first. The New Mum MOT can be completed from 6 weeks post natal and your physiotherapist will recommend a suitable timeframe to complete the return to sport assessment. This needs to be 3 months post natal at the earliest.

For further guidelines about postnatal returning to running, please see the following link.

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