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We are delighted to have been awarded a Patient Service Award from WhatClinic.com due to the excellent ratings given by patients who have attended for treatment. Here is an example of the feedback we have received;

66 I would definitely recommend. Extremely happy with my treatment today. Very thorough and professional, yet friendly and approachable too. I was given information and explanations and advice which gave me a lot of confidence in my on-going treatment. I felt included and listened to during my assessment today and the treatment I had certainly hit the spot! I would definitely recommend Walnut Tree Physiotherapy Centre.
I chose this clinic after reading good reviews on-line. It is not my nearest clinic, but the journey is worthwhile. First impressions were good...pleasant surroundings, a friendly and efficient receptionist and good facilities.66
66The whole setup at Physiofit is so very professional. The Receptionists are lovely and make you feel so very welcome and comfortable66


66I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help, as you have given me the confidence to get moving again when I felt like I couldn’t! I would definitely highly recommend Physiofit! 66 
66Magic Hands Caitlin! I cannot thank Caitlin enough for helping me with my severe carpal tunnel and tendonitis. When I started attending physio sessions with Caitlin I had very shaky hands with little cognitive ability and after 4 months I was discharged with full cognitive ability. Often, after a painful week, a session with Caitlin's "magic hands" alleviated my pain so that I could enjoy my weekend. Caitlin is not only an exceptional physio but she is one of the kindest people I have ever met so I could not recommend her enough. Thank you Caitlin 66 S.C
66I was bed-bound for 3 months due to severe dizziness and sickness. Due to COVID 19 I couldn't see a specialist or GP face to face. I felt very alone and lost all hope of getting better. I did some research and found Suzie. Suzie helped diagnose my BPPV and gave me courage to fight this very persistent bout of BPPV. I don't think I can find words that could best describe my appreciation towards Suzie. She is an amazing person and if it wasn't for her I don't think I would have made a full recovery.

I would recommend her to anyone suffering from any form of dizzness or any balance related issues. Suzie is very knowledgeable and skilled. She helped me to carry out the Epley mManoeuvre at home and her motivational words gave me courage to be brave enough to carry out the manoeuvre at home. The credit for my full recovery goes to Suzie for giving me a first class service. 66 S.M.
66Dear Emily, I want to express my gratitude to you for the excellent work you did in restoring my broken wrist to normal function after the cast was removed. I can't speak highly enough of your practical experience and your reassuring manner to help calm my concerns. Once again, many thanks for making what could have been a traumatic experience much less upsetting. 66  J.L.
66Just a few words to say, a massive thank you to Emily - a great physio who is working wonders on my back. A very lovely person too getting me in at very short notice to try get me moving again, very much appreciated. Cheers Emily 66 S.W.
66To the team at Physiofit - Just a quick message to say thank you for the excellent service. My physio was really helpful, sorted my minor injury out and also made sure any other niggles were sorted. A very good service and one I will recommend to friends. As much as I don't want to have to come back(!), if I do, I know where I will be returning to.66 Warwick A.
66I came to see you at the end of Feb for a running Biomechanical assessment after having maybe 10 weeks away from any running due to knee pain. I have to say I enjoyed the process and just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. It gave me insight into my own physical constraints and allowed me to manage my progress towards a marathon and the exercises have hopefully helped slowly improve my core muscle groups. Eventually after some quite gruelling runs at the weekend - often with much less mid week. After not quite enough preparation I decided to go to Brighton for my marathon and on the day finished in 03:51:13. Which is really on the high end of my expectation.
Much of which wouldn't have been possible without your insight and the confidence/determination it gave me to progress. So thank you for what was an enjoyable and important contribution to my little dream. 66 C.M.
66Thank you Stella for making my daily existence so much more comfortable and enjoyable. You are truly a star!66 C.P.
66I just wanted to say how fabulous I thought Stella Stein was. She has completely transformed my non-bending or fully stretching leg in just 4 weeks and has been brilliant both in her knowledge of her subject area but also in adapting exercises to fit to my lifestyle.66 L.H
66I have just concluded a course of treatment with your Katie for a painful leg and knee. I would like to inform you of how impressed I am with the treatment and advice given which in turn as improved my discomfort considerably. Katie was at all times professional and I would not hesitate in recommending her. 66 P. Slater. February 2018
Vestibular Rehabilitation
66I chose Suzie Crellin at Physiofit after researching on line and reading about the Dizziness and Balance Clinic. I'd been struggling for several months with inner ear problems that caused difficulties with my balance, daily headaches, tiredness etc. When I read the information I immediately thought "that's me!"

Suzie was very thorough at my initial appointment, explained what I needed to do to improve my symptoms, and why. I had 3 sessions in total and graded exercises to do at home. When I was discharged I felt reassured that I could make a full recovery, plus Suzie stressed that I could ring her or email at any time if needed.

I would encourage anybody who is suffering similar problems to contact Suzie; she is professional, supportive and a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you. 66 - Amanda P. Oct 2021
66 Treatment was received from Suzie Crellin for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo after being diagnosed with meniers disease from my GP and given various meds that did not alleviate the symptoms. I had spent two weeks housebound and unable to do any of my normal activities. I was told by a friend about your service and am now relieved of symptoms, have been given lots of useful information and exercises to do at home, am so delighted with the results. Suzie is amazing and so professional, non patronising and informative: would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is suffering from BPPV. Thank you 66 M. Nash. August 2020
66I have recently had need to use the services of Suzie Crelin at Physiofit in Horsforth. I had been diagnosed with labarythitis, a condition that I had never heard of. It is horrendous as it destroys your balance which leaves you nauseous, dizzy and generally feeling very unwell. After reading up on the condition I approached Physiofit to see if they could carryout the Epley manoeuvre, which resolves one of the causes.

Suzie was very well aware of the condition and was able to help me with exercises that helped alleviate the symptoms. It was a great relief to find someone who was so knowledgable about the condition, who could reassure me in this testing time in addititon to helping with exercises. I cannot recommend Suzie and this practice highly enough. 66 - Shirley C. Jan 2019
Respiratory Physiotherapy
66I have been coming to see Suzie Crellin for chest physiotherapy since about March this year. I have bronchiestasis and had had a particularly difficult winter with multiple chest infections. Suzie has been helping me with breathing exercises to clear the mucous. This has been excellent and her knowledge of my lung condition and other lung conditions is huge. It is great to be able to discuss my problems with her ,as with doctors and specialists they don't normally have the time. When necessary she also performs percussion. I would thoroughly recommend this young woman to anyone with a chest complaint.66 - Sue H. Nov 2018
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
66I also had a pelvic floor appointment with Caroline this morning. I just wanted to let you know how good this was and how helpful and reassuring Caroline was - I think the tips and exercises she gave me will help me a lot going forward. 66 - J.D. June 2018
Women's Health Physiotherapy
66To Janet, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for all your help with my SPD treatment in the run up to the arrival of my baby. I was in so much pain and worried I wouldn't be able to do anything in those final 6 weeks but you were amazing and thanks to you I was able to clean the most ridiculous things as nesting kicked in. I cannot thank you enough! 66  J.J.
66I'd like to give you some feedback about Becky and the treatment I received – I thought she was absolutely brilliant. When I first spoke to you and came in I was so bad with PGP I could barely walk. I have made such an improvement thanks to Beckys physio treatment and her ante natal class, and she has been so positive and reassuring. I have already recommended you to my midwife.66 Alex R.
66Finding someone who can actually treat symphysis pubis dysfunction with a hands on approach has been a huge relief. During my last pregnancy I really struggled as I was merely given a belt and told to keep my legs together! I could not recommend Jenny more highly.66  V.G.
66I want to thank you for all the treatment and help you have given me over the last 3 years. I believe that this time [second pregnancy] the story is so different because of the advice and support you have given me. I can honestly say its been bloody hard work but sooooo worth it. Keep doing a great job. I will certainly recommend you66  C.E.


66The classes and instructors have been really good and I’ve been impressed by the level of knowledge of the instructors and their efforts to cater their classes and provide instructions to each individual. I’ve also found your adaptability, providing in person and on line classes excellent. I have, and will continue to, recommend you to friends 66 - Rebecca. Feb 2022
66 I’ve been attending mat based Pilates classes at Physiofit since 2011 and have always found Pilates to be an excellent way of keeping strong, fit and flexible. My instructor, Julie Murgatroyd, has always been mindful of the abilities of each member of the class whilst encouraging each of us to fulfil our potential.

In 2021 I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica , a condition that causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in the muscles and joints. Following my diagnosis I was struggling to maintain fitness and Julie recommended Reformer Pilates classes. Julie took it upon herself to understand my condition and with her patience, care, understanding and professionalism has been helping me through this difficult time in the Reformer class.

My fitness has improved generally and my strength in particular and Julie has shown me that there is a way through this and with her encouragement I know that I will continue to improve as she has not only had an impact on my physical health but also my mental health. I found that loosing my fitness made me feel very gloomy, however, with the improvements I am seeing, thanks to Julie, my outlook has become much more positive. I now feel empowered to work to regain my strength and fitness to pre- diagnosis levels. 66 - Susan. Feb 2022
66I enjoy Janet's Rehab sessions very much indeed and gain a great deal of help from them. I am always amazed at how good I feel afterwards. Every week is better than the last. I am already looking forward to next week. 66 - M.T
66 I would like to say a huge thank you to all the team at Physio Fit. You have been such an important part of my pre and post natal fitness journey and have helped me so much - even from afar!66 - Remote class member
66 Just a bit of positive feedback I would like to share ! Have done Zoom Pilates with Caitlin the last two weeks - and she is fab ! Love how she checks everyone with a doing ok and gives encouraging feedback to us all. She’s a great zoom instructor. :) 66
66Thanks for sorting out the remote Pilates classes so quickly. The 2 I did were great, thanks Susie for doing them so well. And thanks so much for the brilliant classes you run, I've really enjoyed them, I've become much stronger and my core finally feels back to "normal" after my 2 pregnancies!! 66
66 I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Physiofit for doing the ante-natal classes - what I learned gave me the confidence and stamina to get through an active labour following induction on the drip with a cocktail of painkillers but no epidural or C-section. I'm already using what I know to think about how to keep myself fit while doing mum stuff - looking forward to post-natal classes in a few weeks! 66 - N.U. Feb 2020
66Dear Janet, thank you so much for the last year or so of classes. As a reluctant newcomer to Pilates I don't think I could have had a better introduction. Your thoughtful and knowledgeable approach has given me the understanding that not only can exercise indeed be for me in whatever advanced state of decrepitude I seem to find myself, but also that its enjoyable! You've encouraged me to think much more confidently and positively about things which I assure you is some achievement! 66 - J.C. Feb 2019
66 I wondered if you could pass on my thanks to Yulia. I've never done Pilates before and I think she's been fabulous and has really helped me feel confident about doing it and trying new moves and not worry about messing up! She really is amazing at what she does and has given me such a boost over the last couple of weeks and I really can't thank her enough. So glad I found your centre and that my first experience with Pilates has been so positive. Thank you 66 - M.D. Nov 2018
66I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I attended my final antenatal Pilates class last night having been coming all the way through since summer. I have really enjoyed it and Katie's class has been great - as well as keeping us all physically challenged (just the right amount!) she has also given some invaluable advice about labour and birth so it has been really useful coming and I will definitely be recommending it to all of my friends. I really look forward to returning to the post natal class in a couple of months! 66 Nicola S. Jan 2018
66I would just like to thank Suzie Crellin for her amazing class. After my operation my consultant frightened me to death with her do's & don'ts to the point that I did nothing. My confidence has grown during the class and I feel so much better. I am looking forward now to my new class.66 Sue D. Feb 2016
66Susie Price is quite fantastic! She knows exactly what we all need and just comes round and adjusts us individually. I have improved SO much since I've been attending and really can feel a difference.66 Claire P.
66I want to let you know that I am really enjoying this class. Stella is great and I feel like I am making progress and love the way that Stella leads the class and plans the class to ensure progress and challenge each week.66 Sue W.
66It has been immensely beneficial for me to attend Julie's classes over the last 5 years or so. I have better posture, better core strength and I am generally more aware and in tune with the functioning of all muscles. I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated Julie's teaching: she is knowledgeable and careful in helping us to apply Pilates techniques, and is always cheerful and encouraging. I will miss her and the other regular members of the class. 66 Sally H.
66I'm so glad I started Pilates last year as I am really feeling the benefits from it, and I think "Physiofit" facilities and Staff are brilliant!66 Ian B.
66I have really enjoyed coming to the classes – the instructors and facilities are of an excellent quality. Hopefully I will be able to come back post-baby.66 Sarah J.
66Thanks so much, really enjoying it as I've moved up from post natal! A good challenge!66 Louise H.
66Thank you very much. Becky's Pilates and Jenny's treatment has made a really positive difference.66 Harriet G.
66I just wanted to let you know that I thought Katie's 'intermediate' Pilates class last night was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. I've only done a few sessions, but she explained everything so clearly and had a lovely manner about her and for the first time I felt I was doing things correctly and actually understood what and why the techniques were about. She was great and I'm looking forward to next week! 66 Katy S.
66The Pilates sessions were great and have really helped me with my neck pain.66 Dr. S. S.
66Great Pilates classes taught by wonderful instructors!!66 Heather C.W.
66Just a quick note from David and Sissi to express our appreciation of the service you are your staff provide. I've done bits of Pilates on and off for years and both of us were with another provider before coming to Physiofit. However, the quality of what you offer is superior in all respects (teaching, equipment, facilities) to previous experiences. The work we're doing is also clearly having an impact (positively!) on our health. We're both spreading the word about Physiofit.66 Sissi & David K


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