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Suzie Crellin

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Suzie Crellin BSc (Hons) MCSP

Suzie Crellin
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Senior Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

Suzie gained her BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Northumbria University in 2006 and for worked for 7 years in a private hospital as a musculoskeletal and respiratory specialist physiotherapist working alongside consultants in both outpatients and on wards. She relocated to Leeds in 2013 and joined the Physiofit team as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. Suzie has participated in regular in-service training and has also completed several post graduate courses. She offers acupuncture as part of her physiotherapy treatment and has completed the AACP foundation course.

Suzie is also trained to offer treatment in these specialist areas:

What people have said about Suzie...

66Following a diagnosis of BPPV, my GP gave me some vestibular rehab exercises to do at home (Brandt-Daroff). I was very happy to have a diagnosis that explained the persistent dizziness but I wasn't really convinced that the exercises were doing any good. All I seemed to be doing was throwing my head about, which just made the dizziness worse. So I did a little research and discovered a very specific exercise that is best performed by a specially trained physiotherapist. Some reports even suggested that if performed correctly, this manoeuvre could fix the problem very quickly. I was a bit sceptical about this, but decided to give it a go and set about trying to find a physio that could help. My local therapist didn't offer the treatment in question but then I found Physiofit who confirmed that they had physios who were trained to treat BPPV.

I saw Suzie Crellin, who did a thorough assessment before performing the Epley manoeuvre - and it was like magic! The dizziness stopped immediately and hasn't returned. It was literally like a miracle cure, albeit based on sound scientific principles. I would definitely encourage anyone suffering from BPPV to go and see Suzie and it's such a shame my the GP didn't seem to be aware of this instant cure. 66 - Andrea R. Jan 2019
66I have been coming to see Suzie Crellin for chest physiotherapy since about March this year. I have bronchiestasis and had had a particularly difficult winter with multiple chest infections. Suzie has been helping me with breathing exercises to clear the mucous. This has been excellent and her knowledge of my lung condition and other lung conditions is huge. It is great to be able to discuss my problems with her ,as with doctors and specialists they don't normally have the time. When necessary she also performs percussion. I would thoroughly recommend this young woman to anyone with a chest complaint.66 - Sue H. Nov 2018
66 I started physiotherapy with Suzie Crellin after operations following breast cancer left me with no real upper body strength, and no real idea of what I could and couldn't do, along with a risk of lymphedema in my left arm. Whilst the treatment I had on the NHS was brilliant, advice for how to get back to normal wasn't abundant and there was a real cautionary attitude because of the lymphedema. Suzie has been AMAZING throughout and has got me back to a point where I can pretty much do everything I did before I was ill. She explained to me in detail why I had to be careful with certain exercises but always told me I could do it, I just needed to build up to it. She gave me the positivity that I needed and I can't explain how much her support and help has meant to me, she's an utter star and fantastic at what she does, I'll be forever grateful for her help. Thank you Suzie. 66 - Alex B. Nov 2017
66I would just like to thank Suzie Crellin for her amazing class. After my operation my consultant frightened me to death with her do's & don'ts to the point that I did nothing. My confidence has grown during the class and I feel so much better. I am looking forward now to my new class. 66 - Sue D. Feb 2016


Chartered Scoiety of Physiotherapy Health and Care Professions Council Yorkshire Shoulder Physiotherapy Modern Pilates The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute - APPI

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