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Covid 19 Pilates Class Procedures

Covid 19 Pilates Class Procedures

Procedures for Physiofit Pilates Classes


All bookings and payments will be taken remotely via email or telephone, please do not use The Orchard Reception.

All class members and staff will be asked to fill in and abide by the COVID screening form.

Classes at busy times will be 50 minutes long to allow for cleaning and changeover.


Please bring your own mat, band and head blocks/towels wherever possible.

Please bring your own water bottle, water will not be provided.

If you wish to use our mats and blocks make sure they are covered completely by your own mat or towels and that these are cleaned between classes. We are not able to offer our bands to use.

Any other equipment used will be disinfected after use and you will have the option not to use it.

We have the following equipment for sale. Please contact us via email should you wish to order.

Resistance bands: £5
2.5cm blocks: £4
5cm blocks: £6
Chi balls: £18
Grippy socks: £4
Water bottles: £3


We please ask that you:


Chartered Scoiety of Physiotherapy Health and Care Professions Council Yorkshire Shoulder Physiotherapy Modern Pilates The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute - APPI

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