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Persistent Pain Management and Resolution

Pain is one of the main reason that people seek help from a physiotherapist, and often a short course of treatment will resolve the underlying cause and the person will return to their normal activities pain free. However many people have pain which is long-standing and perhaps hasn't responded to previous treatments. This called persistent (or chronic) pain. Often this pain can stop these people from getting on with what they want to do. Our understanding of how each of us makes pain has really moved on in recent years as a result of exciting scientific research in this area. By exploring the many factors which influence our pain in a good or bad way we can get to understand our pain better and start to change it. This takes time and patience but is a very rewarding and worthwhile journey.

At Physiofit all our physios have training on the latest pain research. We use this knowledge with every patient that we treat to help prevent pain from becoming persistent.

Our specialist in persistent pain Janet Betts does work with those who come to us with long standing problems with pain. She can provide a safe, supportive environment for the process of understanding pain and therefore begin to manage and resolve it. This can be done in 1-1 sessions or through group work where Janet uses Pilates based exercise to enhance the process. Janet also has links with local clinical psychologists to provide a holistic approach.

Physio Consultations

Initial remote appointment
(45-60 min) £48.00
Follow up remote appointment
(up to 30 min) £35.00

Initial face to face appointment
(45-60 min) £52.00
Follow up face to face appointment
(up to 30 min) £38.00

Specialist Physiotherapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation
Respiratory Physiotherapy
Persistent Pain Management
Pelvic Floor Physio
New Mum MOT
New Mum Return to Sport MOT
Women's Health
Children's Physiotherapy

Initial appointment
(45-60 min) £60.00
Follow up appointment
(up to 30 min) £44.00

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Sports Massage >>

Initial appointment - (45min)
Includes assessment & 25-30min massage
Follow up appointment - (30min)
Includes 25min massage

Biomechanical Assessments >>

80 - 90 minutes - £120.00

Missed appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be charged.


Physiofit Chartered Physiotherapists offer professional assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of a range of injuries and conditions. We have links with local GP surgeries and liaise with other consultants and specialists to provide the best pathway of care for each individual.



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